Master sculptures from Zimbabwe at IICD

Colleen Madamombe is one of the artist at IICD. She was born in 1964 and did achieve an extraordinary level of success for a woman sculptor in Zimbabwe, traditionally a male dominated art form. Her work deals with the role of women in Zimbabwean society, often addressing the changing role of the woman in modern African life. Her trademark female figures are known the world over. Colleen was very much aware of her role as a woman sculptor of renown, and kept challenging other young female artists to pursue a career like her own.

As she said in an interview: 'I ask of you women to work as sculptors as well as the men. But I know it is difficult, if you are married. Most men do not want their wives to be sculptors in their own right. I myself was married, and my husband was a sculptor himself, but now I am divorced, providing for my 7 children. But it is all right.' Her sculptures, always depicting proud African women, speak directly to everybody, and bare witness of a now sadly deceased proud world class artist. 

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