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The first month the activities were mostly focused on knowing our families and the people from the community and bounding with them and during the month of July we worked effectively with the families but we also tried to organize activities and events for everybody from Lagoa da Barra.

After giving the first classes of Mathematics, English and damas at the end of June, we started to give also the classes of guitar, Japanese, Geography and flags. The classes of Mathematics takes place in the house of the children that need help with this subject while the classes of English, guitar, Japanese, Geography and flags were organized in the church thanks to the permission we got from pastor Joao.  Besides entertaining the children the classes of damas are also a good opportunity to tell about different classes and events that take place in the future.


On Friday, we went to Lagoa do Capim to organize a movie night. There we also made a short presentation about us and our countries.


 On Staurday, after one of Aurora’s families communicated that they were going to move to Quijingue we interviewed a new family that is very needy.

Planting trees was one of the activities we dedicated much time as there were 28 trees to be planted. In the end, 28 families beneficiated of a tree of acerola, manga or goaiaba.


We consider that spending time with the people from our community is crucial for the work we do as this is a good opportunity to bound with the people and to maintain the good relationship we create with them, so we accepted the invitation for the Birthday party of our neighbor Renato. By doing so we had the chance to meet new people and to learn more about Lagoa da Barra.

On Tuesday, the second week of July we visited a community of indigenes’ called Kiriri situated a few hours away from Quijingue. We were invited into the house of one Native Indian family where we got a lot of  information about their history and culture and we also watched a few movies about that. We visited the store of crafts that represents a source of income and also took a walk in the village in order to know more about the place and the people.


Feoli and Takashi organized a volleyball match to teach the children learned how to play this sport.

The third week of July was mostly dedicated for making hortas. It was a little bit difficult because the soil was hard but this wasn’t an impediment for us.


Takashi, had to go to Salvador for extending his visa for two days but he came back just in time for the event that took place in a high school in Quijingue. We were supposed to make a presentation about us and our countries but because of some technical problems and lack of time we just introduced ourselves in a few words. It was very valuable to visit this school because we let the students know how we work in each community.


 On Tuesday, the last week of July, Aurora and Feoli went to Salvador for extending the visa. Meanwhile, Takashi prepared the Olympic game event that took place on Thursday when he made a projection of the football game between Brazil and Egypt. There were many children enjoying the game and also Brazils victory. 


On Friday we made our first floor of Pindoba together with the community leader and other people from Humana so this was a good chance for us to learn from them and to prepare for the future floors of bathroom we are going to do.  As it was the first time we constructed one it took almost 2 hours.


On the last Sunday of the month we had a cleaning action in our community. The people from Humana visited us and together we made Lagoa da Barra cleaner and constructed the bathroom floor and a stove for some families.

The first action of the day was gathering the kids for helping us to clean the community. We picked up the trash that was on the ground next to the praca and from the yard of the families we are working with.

While Aurora together with Paloma and Maria Clara from Humana and the kids were removing the trash, Takashi and Feoli organized 2 tournaments of football: one for girls and another one for the boys. After this, all of us worked on making bathroom floors and a stove.


The weather wasn’t very nice as it rained in the morning but this didn’t stop us finishing the job.

The people from Lagoa da Barra love Bingo so we decided to organize a Bingo for them after the work was   done. Everybody was excited to participate and the lucky winner received 2 full bags of food.


During the whole month we went regularly to the church, tried to play as much as possible with the kids in our free time and to spend time with the people from our community so we could create a strong relationship and collaborate in the future.

Warm greetings from all of us in Brazil. 

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