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Fighting with The Poor - 18 months Africa Program

This 18 months program of Fighting with The Poor will take a courageous and futuristic view of issues that poor people face globally around the world.

We will address and discuss the problems and the big issues of our  present time from the perception of the poor. We will gain a better  understanding into world policy's and the corporations that cause global strife. This will enlighten you to the real consequences, and harm that is caused by multinational corporations as well as economic policies that cause more harm than assistance to 3rd world countries.

Fighting with the poor - 9 months South America Program

This 9 months program of Fighting with The Poor will take a courageous and futuristic view of issues the poor face in Brazil.  

Currently Brazil has huge divide between rich and poor. Less than one  percent of the population owns more than fifty percent of the land,  while fifty percent owns less than one percent. Brazil is a very dynamic society with almost any nationality represented.

We will look at and discuss the problems and the big issues regarding  the future of Brazil. Through our studies, we will gain a better understanding of how and why this divide was created and why it still  continues. This will enlighten you to the real consequences, and harm  that is caused by economic policies as well as ways to create sustainable programs and changes for the poor.

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It’s like this proverb from Sobonfu Some: “In the tribal life, one is forced to slow down, to experience the now and commune with the earth and nature. Patience is a must; no one seems to understand the meaning of “hurry up”.”
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then the villagers could be free from the grasp of the loan sharks. That is what I did. I never imagined that this would become my calling in life.
that my six months in Lamego, Sofala state in Mozambique, would be such a great time in my life before getting there
but at the end you will get a bigger reward that only this experience can give you……. in my case it was…… humility.
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